Search criteria for "Explorer.Search"

I noticed that the criteria Explorer.Search

in German are different than in English. I am programming an Outlook custom form for many languages. Can I search only in English?

Something like:

private sub explorer_search()
    dim objExplorer as Outlook.Explorer
    dim strFilter as String

    'a key word for choosing language or something else
    strFilter = "language:english(received:(today OR yesterday))"

    set objExplorer = Outlook.ActiveExplorer strFilter Outlook.OlSearchScope.olSearchScopeCurrentFolder
end sub


I found something with LanguageID

. Can I set only the search language to English?

Something like:

objExplorer.LanguageID = wdEnglishUS     'is not working


I found several sites. I think it is not possible to change the search language, but please correct me if I am wrong.

The first page is about LanguageSettings . Each LanguageSettings element is read-only, so I can't change anything. LanguageID element - check which language is used in the application. It returns the id of the language. For example, help language:

MsgBox "ID of the help language is: " & Application.LanguageSettings.LanguageID(msoLanguageIDHelp)


Other types:



Here is the link for MsoLanguageID you can find every office language there.

The last link is a forum talk about LanguagePreferredForEditing .

The consequence of this is that I have a lot of translation options.


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