Unique two-column constraint Combination in active objects

I am developing Active Objects and have 4 columns in my table. I have a requirement where I need to set a constraint so that the combination of two columns is always unique.

public interface TestEntity extends RawEntity<Long>{

Long getID();

Long getItemId();

String getItemName();

String getDescription();

void setItemId(Long itemId);

void setItemName(String itemName);

void setDescription(String description);


The requirement here is that the combination of ItemId and ItemName must have a unique constraint.

I tried to do some searches but was able to find a way to make the single column unique using the net.java.ao.schema.Unique class.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how this can be achieved.



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After some research, I found that Active Objects does not currently support this particular feature. Therefore, if you want to use it badly, you may have to change your approach to data storage.



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