How to specify the config file with the game 2.4 and activator

I am creating a Scala Play 2.4 application that uses a type activator.

I would like to run my tests 2 times with a different config file for each run.

How can I specify alternate config files or override config settings?

I am currently running tests with the command "./activator test"


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You can create different config files for different environments / purposes. For example I have three config files for local testing, alpha deployment and production deployment as in this project

You can tell the config to work like this:

launch activator -Dconfig.resource = application.conf

where application.conf is the configuration you want to use.



You can create different configuration files for different environments. To specify the configuration to use when starting the activator, use the following command:

activator "run -Dconfig.resource=application.conf"


where application.conf is the desired configuration. Without the quotes, it didn't work for me. This uses the same configuration options that you use when going into production mode as described here:

It's important to know that config.resource is trying to find the configuration in the conf / folder, so you don't need to specify it either. For full paths other than resources, use config.file. Further reading is also in the link above.

Quotes should be used because you don't want to send -D to the activator but to the run command. Using quotes, the JVM activator does not receive the -D argument, but interprets "run -Dconfig.file = application.conf" and sets the config.file property accordingly, also in the activator JVM.

This has already been discussed here: Activator: Play Framework 2.3.x: run and run



The command below works with Play 2.5

 $ activator -Dconfig.resource=jenkins.conf run



Since all of the above is partially incorrect, here is my solid knowledge from last weekend.

  • Use include "application.conf"

    not include "application"

    (which Akka does)
  • Configs must be named .conf

    or Play will override them silently
  • You probably want -Dconfig.file=<file>.conf

    to not be class dependent.
  • Make sure you provide the full path to the file (for example /opt/configs/prod.conf



Here's an example of this run:

include "application"

akka.remote.hostname = ""    

# Example of passing in S3 keys


And just pass it like this:

activator -Dconfig.file=/var/lib/jenkins/jenkins.conf test


if you love SBT:

sbt -Dconfig.file=/var/lib/jenkins/jenkins.conf test


Dev environment

Also note that it's easy to make a file developer.conf

to save all your passwords / local ports and then set .gitignore

so developers don't accidentally check them.



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