Meteor and cloud fluctuation with xhr query loop targets

I am writing a Meteor application that has two components - a metend interend application hosted on one server and a chat application hosted on another. The chat app uses for the actual messaging (because I wanted to use redis pub-sub and this is not supported by Meteor yet), and of course sockjs for the rest.

I post two on Kubernete. Websockets run on their network IP addresses.

However, I want to use Cloudflare where websockets won't work, so I have the DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS enval variable set to 1. Also, the transports for should have just used xhr polling by default.

The only problem is this:

  • When I receive conversations, the application hangs because the external web application is making a huge number of repeated "xhr" requests in the chat application.
  • after a while, the chat app will be able to respond and send information in about 10 seconds, when it should be busy in less than 0.5 seconds.
  • there are a huge number of sockjs xhr requests, while the number of sockjs xhr requests to the regular application interface is small.
  • on development this issue does not occur even with DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS set to 1.

On Cloudflare I tried the following (from this page: ): - Set "Pseudo IPv4" to "Overwrite Headers "

Is there a special Meteor configuration that I need for xhr to work with cloud flair? Also, I have another service in the app, but it works great. Can interfere with sockjs in the chat service in some way?


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