How to get object from POST request object using Angular Ajax call in NODEJS?

  • After clicking the button, the method is called. The code is there,

        .controller('templeDetailsList', function ($scope, $http, $ionicModal) {
         $scope.starclick = function(){
         var newFav = [{
         var favurl = "http://localhost:1337/users/adduser";
         $.post(favurl, newFav, function () {
                alert("Successfully posted data");

  • Node service with mongodb code,

        var express = require('express');
        var router = express();
   '/adduser', function (req, res) {
        var db = req.db;
        var d1 = req.body;
        var collection = db.get('userlist');
        collection.insert(req.body, function (err, result) {
                (err === null) ? { msg: '' } : { msg: err }

    Http request worked successfully to call a service method. But I cannot get the request object in the service method. What can I do for this? I want to get a request for the data of an object in a service method. please help me.


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Add body parser to your express app.

var router = express();
bodyParser = require('body-parser');




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