Symmetrical histograms

I want to make a series of symmetrical histograms to show the abundance of butterflies over time. Here's a site that shows the shape of the charts I'm trying to create:

For convenience, I will use the aperture kit.


g <- ggplot(iris, aes(Sepal.Width)) + geom_histogram(binwidth=.5) 
g + coord_fixed(ratio = .003)


Essentially, I would like to reflect this histogram below the x-axis. Another way to think about the problem is to create a horizontal violin diagram with individual cells. I have looked through the template package and ggplot2 documentation but didn't find a solution anywhere. I prefer to use ggplot2, but other solutions in basic R, lattices or other packages would be fine.


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Without your exact details, I can offer a rough coding solution, but this is a start for you (if you add more details, I'll be happy to help you set up the plot). Here's the code:

noSpp <- 3
nTime <- 10
d <- data.frame(
    JulianDate = rep(1:nTime , times = noSpp),
    sppAbundance    = c(c(1:5, 5:1),
                c(3:5, 5:1, 1:2),
                c(5:1, 1:5)),
    yDummy = 1,
    sppName = rep(letters[1:noSpp], each = nTime))

ggplot(data = d, aes(x = JulianDate, y = yDummy, size = sppAbundance)) +
    geom_line() + facet_grid( sppName ~ . ) + ylab("Species") +
    xlab("Julian Date")


And here's the figure.

enter image description here



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