Netbeans connector needs to be reinstalled every time - Chrome

I am using chrome 44.0.2403.125 m and netbeans 8.0 (Build 201403101706). Every time I try to run my HTML file in netbeans it says that I haven't installed the netbeans connector. When uninstalling and reinstalling it, both in the online store (latest version) and in the .crx file in the netbeans folder, it works, but when I close netbeans and chrome, it needs to be installed again. Any solution?



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Try to install all updates in NetBeans using Help-> Check for Updates with NetBeans. This may have already been fixed.

If that doesn't help, please post a bug in NetBeans here and add the output



opened in Chrome.



I have this same problem BUT netbeans8.1 RC solves this problem.

The solution is to update the version of netbeans.

My versions:

  • OS: Ubuntu 15.04
  • Chrome: 45.0.2454.101 (64-bit)
  • NetBeans 8.1 RC (Build 201510012201)

It works like a charm ... :)



I had the same problem, this helped me:

I am posting this here since I found your question before I found a solution on the netbeans page.



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