PHPStorm: Open in "Browser" option: how to set the default server to open?

For PHPStorm, I opened the project / site at C: \ site. Then I went ahead and added the PHP built-in web server to localhost port 8081 from the menu bar: Run> Edit Configs.

To view the index.php file when I click View> Open in Browser> Chrome (or any other browser) it takes me to http: // localhost: 63342 / site / index.php

So it looks like he created another server running on port 63342? Also, it has a path like /site/index.php, not just /index.php.

Is there a way to set it up so that when I click view> open in browser> hostname it goes to localhost: 8081 / index.php?

Also, is it possible to shutdown the server running on port 63342?

Version: I am trying to use PHPStorm 8 and 9 and both show the same behavior.


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is PhpStorm's own simple built-in web server . It is used if no deployment entries are defined (or not defined but not specified by default for this project).

When you use Open in Browser

, the IDE action checks your deployment options, looking for a base URL that will be used to open such a file in a browser. If it does not find any such entries, then instead of opening this file using the protocol, file://

it uses its own embedded web server.

So, to use your specific webserver / url, you must:

  • Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment

  • Create a new record of the appropriate type (or complete the configuration of an existing one if you have already done so)
  • Configure it (include url and paths) so that no warnings are shown for the first 2 tabs (Connection and Mappings).
  • Mark this entry as Default for this project

The IDE will now use this data when using the action Open in Browser


NOTE. , the action Open in Browser

won't start your webserver (the one you created for port 8081) - it just opens the url in the browser. You will need to make sure your server is already running before using this action.

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