Meaning "pc" in the triplet structure of the target architecture

I have successfully compiled things with the target i686-linux-gnu and i686-pc-linux-gnu; they seem to be the same. Who cares?


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You can find some advice on the GNU coding standards where you can read:

The configuration script must also take an argument that specifies the type of system to create the program. This argument should look like this:



For example, an Athlon based GNU / Linux system might be "I686-pc-gnu-gnu. The configuration script must be able to decode all plausible alternatives to describe the machine. So 'Athlon-pc-gnu / linux will be a valid alias

Also, i686 conventionally refers to 32-bit kernel, while x86_64 refers to 64-bit kernel, as you can see in this SO.

Especially instructive is the config.guess shell script , which shows all the features that count when the build type is not specified by an option or argument.



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