Some questions about building Neo4j with Maven

I am doing a project with neo4j. I need to change some lines of code because I want it to work differently than usual.

Therefore, I need to create it using this command:

mvn clean install -DfullBuild

I am new to Maven. I don't understand some things:

  • Why does Maven download some files on build? I just want to compile my code, is there any reason for downloading anything?

  • Is there a way to avoid compiling / running tests? Some of them fail on code changes and build fail. And the documentation? How can I avoid generating it?

  • Why does it take a long time to create? Every time I change the line it takes me 30 minutes to create it again. I just want to compile some modules, not all of them.

  • I've seen that some modules have their own pom.xml file. Does this mean that I can build them separately to save time?

Thanks for any help!


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1 answer

1) it downloads all dependencies (which are a lot). If you have snapshot dependencies, they will reload daily.

2) add -DskipTests=true

to command line arguments

3) most of the build time is spent executing tests. Neo4j is strictly quality oriented, so a lot of tests. Also it takes a few steps to create a browser to compress / package javascript, css and other stuff.

4) yes. If you change something in the xyz submodule, just call mvn install -DskipTests=true

from that module.



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