Concatenate two columns of a data frame in R

Consider this data frame in R that contains two columns named a and b:

a     b
a1   b1  
a2   b2  
a3   b3  


I want to create a list by concatenating columns a and b like this:

 a1  b1  a2  b2  a3  b3


How can i do this?


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We can transpose ( t

) the dataset and then concatenate ( c

) the output matrix

to getvector

 #[1] "a1" "b1" "a2" "b2" "a3" "b3"


Or use as.vector


 #[1] "a1" "b1" "a2" "b2" "a3" "b3"


Usually used to convert 'data.frame' to 'vector' unlist

, but it will be written off column by column. This is the reason for migrating the dataset and using c

or as.vector


Or list

you can use to get the output as.list






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