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I am using a reactive router and go to a component that gets an id in the url and have to use that id to get data from the server using an action.

At the moment I am calling the action creator in the hook componentWillMount


This works so far, but brings a problem. In the render method I have to check if myData

indeed exists with all its attributes before I can actually render.

@connect(state => {myData: state.etc.myData})
export default class extends React.Component {

  componentWillMount = () => {

  render() {
    if (this.props.myData.hasNotLoaded) return <br/>



Is there any other way to get data into storage before rendering without manual checks?


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You can subscribe to onEnter

hook-and-send action router from that location.

const store = configureStore()
const routing = (<Router>
    <IndexRoute onEnter={()=>store.dispatch(myLoadDataActionCreator())}/>


This way you can avoid setState

from the previous answer and not bind the component with the contraction.



You have to create a callback like:

_onChange() {


Then, in the following reaction functions, do the following:

componentDidMount() {
componentWillUnmount() {


I am assuming you are using mixins for a react router, if not look at the docs for it, they have some useful features worth looking at.

I don't think you will need this logic if

in the method render()

, react will handle this with virtual home control and know when to load it and data.



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