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I am facing a very strange problem with Facebook Key hashes. The Facebook SDK is used in my Android app to provide native authentication. Everything worked fine until this morning when some temporary configuration changes were made. I removed the original hash of keys (keyhash1) and replaced it with another one (keyhash2). After some testing, rebuilt the config but my original Keyhash keyhash1 stopped to work ... The message says "keyhash1 does not match any stored keyhash."

I double checked everything, tried many times to rebuild the app but it failed. After several hours of digging, found this answer. Since I cannot uninstall this application (it is already in use by many users), I decided to try to reproduce this problem elsewhere. Prepared test app added and removed Key Hash multiple times and voila, problem reproduced successfully. Based on the mentioned stackoverflow answer, deleted the Facebook app and created a new one using the same Hash Hash, it started working again.

The question is, how can I fix the original application? Is it normal Facebook has blocked the key hashes?


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I finally got it to work!

This is how I fixed it in case somone has similar problems:

My Key Hash stopped working when I deleted all other key hashes and left only this one. I tried to add it and remove it many times but it didn't help ...

I ended up doing the following hook - removing all hash keys, adding a new one (fake, different from production), and then (in second place) adding the one that was originally locked. Since then, everything has started working again! After that, it was possible to remove the fake Cash Hash and leave only the production one.

You can also view the facebook error message:



@tludek you don't need hash key for facebook, follow this guide links here



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