How to enable registered steps when deploying CRM 2015 plugins?

We are creating a .NET plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Our deployment outline looks like this:

  • Compile, host and sign the plugin assembly.
  • Use the PluginRegistration.exe tool from the CRM2015 SDK to register the signed plugin DLL and associated steps in our sandbox environment.
  • Exporting a solution from a sandboxed environment as a managed solution
  • Import the managed solution into your test and sign staging environment.
  • Import the managed solution into a live environment.

The problem is that when I import the managed solution, it picks individual settings and build plugins, but it doesn't take any registered steps - this means that the only way to get it to work on production is to point the PluginRegistration.exe tool in our production environment and manually registered the necessary workflow steps. We were able to automate the rest of the deployment pipeline so that we can manage it with TeamCity and Octopus, but this manual step registration is a tedious extra step that I would like to eliminate.

Is there a way to include registered steps when exporting / importing a managed solution?


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I'm sure you missed one very simple point - include your plugin step in the solution you will be exporting and that will do the trick.



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