Prerequisite button as a result of a Visual Studio 2015 Installer project crash

I installed the Visual Studio 2015 Projecter extension and added the installer project to the existing solution. Whenever I click the Prerequisites button in the Installer project properties, VS crashes. I have already rebooted the machine. Using Windows 7 64-bit.

Any ideas?


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Looked at the official Q&A of the extension you are using - link here (you will need to find the question "When I show the Prerequisites dialog, why this crash?" - probably on the oldest question page) - and as described the error It has been fixed .

Just download from the page above and install. You can do a fresh install and uninstall the previous version of the extension before reinstalling the new ones, but that was not necessary in my case.



The same for me on a fresh install of VS2015 and then installing the installer project extension.

You can solve the problem by editing the installer project file (* .vdproj):

  • Open the file YOUR-SETUP-PROJECT-NAME.vdproj

    in a text editor
  • Find "Release"

    including quotes (or whatever custom config profile name you are targeting)
  • Make sure you find s. i.e. similar to the structure I pasted below and that your found structure is below / inside a section named"Configurations"

  • Either: completely disable the installer boot prerequisites with a change "Enabled" = "11:TRUE"

    to"Enabled" = "11:FALSE"

  • Alternatively: edit the list "Items"

    according to your needs (you should of course search for the entries you want), perhaps you have an older VS installation installed to create the entries you want, or you can find the relevant entries via a web search)

Now my section looks like this:

"DisplayName" = "8:Release"
"IsDebugOnly" = "11:FALSE"
"IsReleaseOnly" = "11:TRUE"
"OutputFilename" = "8:Release\\My Setup File Name.msi"
"PackageFilesAs" = "3:2"
"PackageFileSize" = "3:-2147483648"
"CabType" = "3:1"
"Compression" = "3:2"
"SignOutput" = "11:FALSE"
"CertificateFile" = "8:"
"PrivateKeyFile" = "8:"
"TimeStampServer" = "8:"
"InstallerBootstrapper" = "3:2"
    "Enabled" = "11:FALSE"
    "PromptEnabled" = "11:TRUE"
    "PrerequisitesLocation" = "2:1"
    "Url" = "8:"
    "ComponentsUrl" = "8:"


As you can see, I went down the road to completely disable those prerequisites that fit our use cases, but might be different for others, of course.



If you are moving an old project from an earlier version of Visual Studio, first download the installer templates: Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Installer Projects

Delete the old installation project and then create a new installation project based on the new template. Problem solved!



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