How do I add multiple auto-renewing subscriptions to iTunes connect?

Our iOS app currently provides a monthly auto-renewal subscription. However, its price is fixed for all countries.

We would like to implement a different price-per-country strategy (not just currency conversion) where, for example, in France people will pay the equivalent of $ 5 per month, and people in Germany will pay the equivalent of $ 6 per month.

To implement this, we want to create more than one auto-renewable subscription in itunes connect, and then in the app we will get the SKProduct

desired subscription based on the subscription country map we have in our server.

Having said the above, we are currently unable to add new auto-renewing subscriptions to iTunes connect. Go to the in-app purchases tab, click Create New, select Auto-Renewing Subscriptions, then the following message appears:

To add the renewal duration to an existing family's renewal subscription, select the family from the table below. Please note that each duration can only be used once per family. To start a new family for the subscription, click Create New Family.

I don't want to add a new duration for our current subscription family, I need a new subscriber family that will have a different price for the same period (1 month). However, I cannot find the Create New Family button anywhere. Did I miss something?


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Almost a year later, the Create New Family button still doesn't exist, but the Create New button seems to do it.



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