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I created a Universal Windows Application with WinJS in visual studio 2015. Now I can run it from my visual studio. How can I make an exe file of the application so that I can distribute it to my friends? Can I only upload to Windows Store?


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I think you are talking about a Windows 10 app !? There are several ways to do this. Your best bet is to distribute it through the Windows Store. You can hide the app there so that it is only visible to people who have a direct link to the app. Your friends can download it directly from the store.

Another option is to provide live IDs for your friends in the store. Your friends will then receive an email with a direct link.

An option that you can actually find, which is not store-related at all, is to create an app package and deploy that package to your friends. (See screenshot) For Windows Store apps, you will not create an .exe file, you will only create .appx packages.

enter image description here

Select not to upload to the store in the next dialog box. Then click "Create". In the output directory you will find a * .appx file (not * .exe)

You can distribute the app via sideloading. Just copy the contents of the output folder to your friends machine and run the ps1 script in Powershell. This will start installing the application.

A little hint. This requires your computer friends to be enabled for side launch. You can set this in the preferences dialog. See Screenshot. enter image description here



On your current Windows Dev account, you can use promotional codes to distribute the app to your friends instead of using sideloading. If the app is an enterprise app, I recommend using the sideload method.



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