Running Start-DscConfiguration gives "the network connection to the computer name has been interrupted"

I am running the following local cmd server on the server:

Start-DscConfiguration -computername mycomputer -Path C:\install -Wait -Verbose



WARNING: [WSManNetworkFailureDetected] The network connection to the computer name has been interrupted. Attempt to reconnect up to 4 minutes ...

This is a new server and I started Enable-PSRemoting -Force

and Windows Management Service started.


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From iprotocol's comment :

You need to start the console with administrator rights.



I started getting this error and I made sure that the problem turned out to be the size of the script: when I commented out part of it, the error goes away.

Searching the web Finally I found that the problem was MOF size (over 500kb).

The solution was to run the following command before starting Start-DscConfiguration:

Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\MaxEnvelopeSizekb 1000


The answer was found here:

Please note that you may need to use a larger value depending on your case.



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