Crtl + Shift + Space shortcut in Visual Studio 2015

I started using Visual Studio 2015. In the previous version, I use the Ctrl+ Shift+ shortcut Spaceto display parameter information, but it doesn't work in the current version.

How can I restore it, what is the name for this shortcut when configuring the keyboard?


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It is called Parameter Info or how it appears in the list:Edit.ParameterInfo

Default shortcut: Ctrl+ K,P

So give it a try. It also links to Ctrl+ Shift+ Spacein VS 2012/13 as you mentioned.

It is supposed to be supported in VS 2015, so not sure why it doesn't work for you. I seem to be reminded of something I read on SO that was causing shortcuts problems the other day, I think it had to do with the keyboard setting language, but I can't find a link at the moment, so don't quote me on that!

For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, see the following links: VS 2013 , VS 2015

You can search, for example, "Space", and it is not difficult for you to find the one you want.



I had the same problem, it worked by doing this:

Go to Tools> Options> Text Editor> All Languages> General, Finish Checking Application. Parameter information (like most of the options in the General dialog box, this was a full black box by default).


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