SQLite cannot be opened - Meteor create app

I am trying to create a new application using Meteor (this is the first time I have used it on this computer).

When I try to start a new application:

meteor create simple-todos


I am getting the following error and the app creation fails:

{ [Error: SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file]
stack: [Getter] }


And below that I am getting some other errors:

Error: SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file
    at Object.Future.wait (/Users/Jack/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/.


I can't find other people having the same problem, so I'm a little in the dark as to how to debug or fix. Pointers on how to debug / fix this would be really helpful.


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It might be a permission error.

To fix this problem, you can try to adjust the resolution by running the following command:

sudo chown -R $USER ~/.meteor




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