How to suppress the sonarqube rule in a specific case?

I want my python code to change the "Method names must follow naming conventions" rule, but only when I override a method from the Qt class.

For example: inheriting from QWidget

and overriding a method resizeEvent()

(which doesn't match the rule).

As per the FAQ, there are //NOSONAR

and @SuppressWarnings

(which will suit my needs) but they are only available for java.

Is there some special keyword for this or do I need to do something like create a new custom rule?


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You can flag the issue as a false positive via the SonarQube interface, as shown in this related question: Sonarqube 5 - how can I flag a false positive?

I created the following backar ticket for the SonarQube Python plugin to consider adding comment marker support NOSONAR

in the next version:



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