How to set line spacing between views in notepad ++

So I had a problem using the compare function in Notepad ++ after a recent upgrade to Windows 10. The line spacing is narrowed down a bit, and by the time I got to line 11 on the left screen, it's only line 10 on the right side, and this is very disappointing. Here's a screenshot to show what I mean.

Follow the black lines and you will notice how this happens, starting small, but getting more spaced :(


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it seems that the zoom value is different for view modes. Use the menus: view, zoom, restore default Zoom in both modes.

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Style Configurator

Global Styles

Brace highlight style

Font size

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In recent versions of Notepad ++, in order to achieve the desired results, you must switch to:

Settings -> Style Configurator -> Global Styles -> Line Number Margin


And set the Font Size property to get the desired "line height".

enter image description here

A side effect is that line numbers need to be larger than the text



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