Node.js sends an audio file and lets the user search

I am trying to create an application that allows users to dynamically change the track they are listening to. I am using sails.js on top of node. The problem I'm running into is that when the user tries to find a time in a song before or after the current time, the song will start playing.

this is the last code i tried to implement on the server.

'index': function (request, response) {
        var path = require('path');
        var fs = require('fs');
        var filePath = path.join('path\to\folder','music.mp3')
        var stat = fs.statSync(filePath);

        response.writeHead(200, {
        'Content-Type': 'audio/mpeg',
        'Content-Length': stat.size

        fs.readFile(filePath,function (err,data) {




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Found a multimedia streaming module for node:


npm install mediaserver --save


corrected code:

'index': function (request, response) {
        var AUDIOFILE = 'path/to/audio.mp3'


Just awesome module . Hope this helps anyone who has had a similar problem.



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