Visual Studio 2015 behavior in nested using statements

From a similar question asked before , it is known that the preferred way of deferred nested statements using

(this is the default preview of Visual Studio 2015):

using (var enumerator1 = list1.GetEnumerator())
using (var enumerator2 = list2.GetEnumerator())
    // Use enuemrator1 and enumerator2 here


However, I found that the behavior was changed in Visual Studio 2015 when I type the following:

using (var enumerator1 = list1.GetEnumerator())


and click , the cursor is indented on the second line:

using (var enumerator1 = list1.GetEnumerator())// Text caret appears here instead of at the same level of
     // indent of the previous line


How can I return the previous behavior and what is the reason for changing this behavior?


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If you have ReSharper you need to override the named setting Indent nested "using" statements


It can be found under Code Editing

=> C#

=> Formatting Style

=> Other


ReSharper Option

Even if the option is disabled, the caret will still be indented. However, once you create a new line, ReSharper will format your block correctly using


Unformatting ReSharper



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