Stripe subscription plan with trial but immediate payment and expiration date

I am using a Stripe

payment gateway. I am working on a project with pay recurring


Basically I have three plans

, created on Stripe


1) Free  - 14 days, $0.00 , No trial, Should NOT be auto renewed
2) Basic - 1 Month, $15.00, No trial, auto renewed 
3) Pro   - 1 Month, $25.00, No trial, auto renewed


I have some doubts about the following:

1) Is credit card information required when a customer signs up for a plan Free

? What if I don’t want to provide it yet and am still subscribing to the plan Free


2) I don't want the plan to Free

be automatically updated. So subscribing

any client in the plan Free

, how can I determine the end of a period or cycle using a webhook since there is no end / period date for the plan? I want cancel

clients subscription

(having a Free

plan) after 14 days

and redirect them to choose Basic

or Pro

plan with credit card details


3) For plans Basic

and Pro

a period is set no trial

. But still I want to provide 14 days trial

some specific clients. Is it possible, setting trial_end

, and subscribing

a customer

on a plan

(ie Basic

or Pro


4) If I specify an attribute trial_end

and subscribing

a customer

is a plan

(i.e. Basic

or Pro

) charge

will be created after the trial period ends

. Correct me? If so, what if I want to charge them immediately but still need to have a trial period?


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2 answers

1) No, no. No credit card information required. This way you can subscribe without credit card details. Credit card information is stored in source

and is optional. I tried. Create a subscription

2) The subscription is always automatically renewed. If you don't want your subscription to automatically renew, you can subscribe without a credit card. Thus, when the system tried to resume and failed, it will be equal to canceled

or unpaid

. See Subscription Object in Status Attribute.

3) Yes, it is possible. You can install / update trial_write.

4) Yes. But I guess you can't blame them immediately, but they have to go through the trial period.

My question is: Why do you have 3 plans without trial?

My suggestion : you should have 3 plans, and for a plan Free

, 14 days. Therefore, when a user selects a plan Free

, they will have a 14 day trial and no credit card required. Then when the trial period is extended and it will automatically renew and the renewal payment will fail (due to lack of credit card). Therefore, the user must change the plan to Basic

or Pro

to credit card details. And for these plans, he has to charge them immediately, without trial (trial_end = now).

Without a credit card, the attempt to pay for the subscription will fail after this test and the subscription will be flagged as a misdemeanor. You might think this is helpful

For more information on Stripe Trial you can follow this link Using Trial Periods on Subscriptions



1) I would handle this in your program. (without connecting to the strip). Let them sign up through your site without credit card details and then membership when 14 days is up, so when they log in, it prompts them to choose a plan.

2) If you handle this as I suggested in number 1, the memberships will expire and not renew.

3) Yes, credit card information will be accepted but will not be charged until the end of the trial period.

4) You can give the customer the option to accept the trial period or not, but I'm sure most users will prefer it because they like getting 14 days for free.

Docs: Band Subscription , Webhooks , Event Types



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