Simple captcha field type for meteor autoformat

I need a simple captcha field type for my form. I have used meteor-autoform to create a form.

I don't know how to create a custom (field) field type for an auto form.

For example, how to wrap this node.js module to create an add-in automatically.

I also don't want to use google reCaptcha.

Please, please.


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The good thing is that a common problem when building with meteor is how to include node packages in a meteor project. This is how I do it!

  • Install the lovely meteor packages: an npm package that makes it easy to package node packages.

meteor add meteorhacks:npm

  1. Edit the packages.json file (which meteorhacks adds to your meteor project root)

The packages.json file should look something like this:

   "node-captcha" : "0.2.1"


Note. 0.2.1 is the latest version of the node-captcha package I found on the npm link you mentioned. Every time you include a node package using meteorhacks: npm you need to specify the version of the node package.

  1. node-captcha can now be included in your meteor js files using the following statement:


This should do the trick! Accept my answer if this is what you are looking for :)



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