Searching connected flights from my airline database for more than two intermediate routes

I am currently working on a training mini-project for booking an air ticket between source and destination.

My relational database table for Flight_table



where (flight_id + flight_date)

is my primary key.

If seats available = 0

abc-> pqr travel, then I have to look for a connecting flight. For one intermediate stop, I thought of a simple concatenation of myself like

SELECT a.flight_name , a.f_source, a.f_dest, b.flight_name, b.f_source, b.f_dest
WHERE a.source = 'abc' AND a.f_dest = b.f_source AND b.f_dest = 'pqr'
AND (some date related condition)


Can anyone help me write an efficient query if there are two or more intermediate stops (flights)

Thanks in advance.


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Why don't you maintain a separate table or view that can serve a purpose? where a table or view can have data to join itself without entering a condition. you can request available data.



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