Tap events not dispatched in new view added with addSubview

I have an area of ​​my screen where I want to recognize a long print. I am using UILongPressGestureRecognizer.

As soon as the long press event occurs, I show a custom UIView that has a method touchesMoved

, adding it as a subview. This custom UIView is added right in the center where the long print event happened, it's right under my finger.

Problem: If I keep holding my finger after long press, touchesMoved

in the custom UIView is not called. Only when I lift my finger and touch again is the method recognized touchesMoved


Any possible solutions? I believe the problem is that when the touch started, it originated from the main view. Even though I add a new UIView on top of the hierarchy and move my finger over it, it is not recognized i.e. touchesMoved

not called because the view entered the hierarchy after the strokes started.

I've tried a couple of things to reverse the long gesture recognizer but nothing seems to work. Thank.


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