SignalR Cannot call type without delegate

I'm trying to learn SignalR by writing a really simple application ... it basically sends "Hello" periodically (like Stock Ticker , but much simpler).

Here's my hub:

public class StockTickerHub : Hub
    public void Hello()
        var s = StockTicker.stockTicker;



... and here's the code that should send messages periodically:

public class StockTicker
    public static StockTicker stockTicker = new StockTicker();
    private Thread thread;

    public StockTicker()
        var stockTickerHub = GlobalHost.ConnectionManager.GetHubContext<StockTickerHub>();

        this.thread = new Thread(() =>
                while (true)



I am getting RuntimeBinderException

in stockTickerHub.Clients.All().hello();

. It says:

An unhandled exception of type "Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.RuntimeBinderException" occurred in System.Core.dll

More info: Cannot call type without delegate

What am I doing wrong?

Client-side JavaScript below, just in case you need to replicate this.

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function () {

        var chat = $.connection.stockTickerHub;

        chat.client.hello = function () {

        $.connection.hub.start().done(function () {




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Just change:






The debugger should already report this error. I tried your code after updating. He works.

A note about code design:

I would not start a new dispatch thread in an event hello

that would fire every time this method is called by any client. I don't think what you want to do. As a smoother example, you can run a ticker in a classroom Startup

. (If you want the per-connection ticker to override OnConnected

, get the client's connection id and give them separate tickers ...)



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