Convert struct to char * pointer in C

I have a structure:

struct K 
  char a[10];
  char b[10];


I want to convert this structure to a char * pointer and print the value to Uart. Uart takes a char * pointer as input.

My main function looks like this:

void main()
    struct K x= { "Hello","Pollo"};
    struct K *revert;
    char *buffer;
    buffer = (char *)&x;
    revert = (struct K *) buffer;
    printf("%s %s", revert->a,revert->b);


Note: printf () will not work, I am using UART.

I want to print the buffer value to the UART when done with struct pointer to pointer conversion char *

. Can this be done?


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Another approach to splitting and recombining structural elements into a char * string is related to string functions sprintf

and then strncpy

. There are many, many ways to do this. Simple pointer arithmetic, etc. But this approach is pretty clean and simple:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

struct K 
char a[10];
char b[10];

int main (void)
    char tmp[21] = {0};
    char *buf = tmp;
    struct K x = { "Hello","Pollo"};
    struct K rev = {{0},{0}};

    /* combine x.a & x.b into single string in buf */
    sprintf (buf, "%s%s", x.a, x.b);

    /* print the combined results */
    printf ("\n combined strings: %s\n\n", buf);

    /* get original lenght of x.a & x.b */
    size_t alen = strlen(x.a);
    size_t blen = strlen(x.b);

    /* copy from buf into rev.a & rev.b as required */
    strncpy (rev.a, buf, alen);
    strncpy (rev.b, buf+alen, blen);

    printf (" recombined: rev.a: %s  rev.b: %s\n\n", rev.a, rev.b);

    return 0;



$ ./bin/struct2str

 combined strings: HelloPollo

 recombined: rev.a: Hello  rev.b: Pollo




I would do the following:

void serialize(struct K x, char * dest)



void deserialize(const char * src, struct K *x)


Since there are ASCII strings inside your structure. If you had a different datatype I would probably use unsigned char *

as the type for the destination buffer for serialization.



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