Installing Google Play Store on device fails. INSTALL_REFERRER

I am adding the install link to the Play Store link. If this link is launched from android device, I get referrer data and everything works well. But when using the same link from the desktop and choosing the "Internet device" installation on the Android device, the referrer value is not transmitted at all.

Is this the expected behavior? If so, is there any other way to pass the parameter through the Web to Device installation?

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Ok, it looks like this is normal behavior according to the Google Analytics Docs .

Google Play Measurement does not currently support web device installations initiated from the Play Store.

So my updated question is: Is there any other way or workaround to make this happen?


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One workaround I've seen is to send the link via SMS. On the desktop, a site visitor sees a "Text Me App" form where they can enter their phone number and click "Submit Link". They get a link on their phone and open it there.

The link can be an intermediate page that redirects the user to either Google Play or the iOS app store. Thus, the same link can work on both platforms.

Of course, there are caveats with this approach: SMS sending fees, infrastructure required to process submitted form data, privacy concerns (user enters their phone number. Have fun in the EU :-)). The user device must have a phone number to receive messages.

One commercial suggestion I found is



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