Full and insulated LLVM / musl tool buckle

I'm trying to achieve in order to compile an independent from GNU and isolated LLVM toolset using musl in as clib


LLVM 4.0 has recently been released with many cool new features including a ready-to-use LLD , so LLVM can do the linking step as well.

More or less stack:

  • clang
  • LLVM
  • DNU
  • Compiler-k.t.
  • libcxx
  • libcxxabi
  • MUSL

After that it is actually possible to do it without much fixes or anything like that (other than compilation musl

), but unfortunately there is no good documentation on this.

Any suggestions?


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I was solving the same problem with my NGTC project (not GNU toolchain). Please take a look at my build scripts and patches.

I used this toolkit to build a small Linux distribution without code from the GNU project: nenuzhnix .



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