PHP get last month name from timestamp

I have a Unix timestamp and would like to get the name of the previous month e. g. "Ferbruary"

$date = 1489842000;
$lastMonth = getLastMonth($date); //Ferbruary



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strtotime is your friend here:

echo Date('F', strtotime($date . " last month"));


For those who want to be fully dynamic to always display the last month's name, the code would look like this:

$currentMonth = date('F');
echo Date('F', strtotime($currentMonth . " last month"));




You can set the object DateTime

to a specified timestamp, then subtract the interval 'P1M'

(one month), for example:

 * @param {int} $date unix timestamp
 * @return string name of month
function getLastMonth($date) {
    // create new DateTime object and set its value
    $datetime = new DateTime();
    // subtract P1M - one month
    $datetime->sub(new DateInterval('P1M'));

    // return date formatted to month name
    return $datetime->format('F');

// Example of use
$date = 1489842000;
$lastMonth = getLastMonth($date);




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