NgSanitize module input error

I am trying to use angular-sanitize in angularJS.

I require angular-sanitize and insert it into my module.

But I am getting the following errors:

Uncaught TypeError: f.module (...). provider (...). information is not a function

Unprepared error: [$ injector: modulerr]


const angular_sanitize = require('angular-sanitize/angular-sanitize.min.js');  

var app = angular
  .module('myApp', ['ngSanitize'])


It works if I use the script in index.html, but I want it to work as a module dependency.

<script src="//"></script>



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Had the same problem, not sure what the same fix is, but might help. so .. in bower.json I had "angular-sanitize": "^ 1.5.5" and on bower install it pulled the latest 1.6.4 which broke the changes for my installed angular version 1.5.9. Try to install the version of ng-sanitize that works for your build



if you are loading resource from local folder (static resource) check if path is correct in below (modified) rule and folder and file exist.



Otherwise, if you are loading from a CDN resource since you are in your HTML, you may need to customize your requirejs config object and map it to the CDN. Post below -

Loading Bootstrap from CDN with Require.js



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