How to reset Apache Archiva password

I am using apache-archiva-2.2.0 version. I lost my admin password so I want to reset my admin password.

I tried resetting the password by deleting the files below.



But still he asks to reset the password.

Database details -

<New id="users" class="">
    <New class="org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.DataSource">
      <Set name="driverClassName">org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver</Set>
      <Set name="url">jdbc:derby:<SystemProperty name="appserver.base" default=".."/>/data/databases/users;create=true</Set>
      <Set name="username">sa</Set>
      <Set name="maxActive">20</Set>
      <Set name="removeAbandoned">true</Set>
      <Set name="logAbandoned">true</Set>
      <Set name="initialSize">5</Set>
      <Set name="testOnBorrow">true</Set>
      <Set name="validationQuery">select 1</Set>


Tell me how can I change my password?


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I did this by stopping archiva by deleting the user database in data/databases/users

for example

% pwd
% mv users{,.old}


and then run archiva again.

Archiva will restore the user database and offer you the option to create a new admin user when you back up it.

If you want to completely disable password expiration, follow these steps:



it works for me,

next steps, directory / usr / local / apache -archiva-2.2.3 / conf, then open archiva.xml file and it will expire like this



then restart archiva



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