Change the theme of my github pages and the pages are empty

I am new to Github pages

and Jekyll

, I am following instructions on how to create Github pages and then succeed. When I change the theme in Settings

and update, nothing is displayed on the main page.

I am not overriding _layouts

or anything else. Because he says Github maintains the theme, so I guess I shouldn't have done anything to support the new theme, just like the default theme Minima


So, I wonder, is it just like that, or am I missing something? Thanks for any idea :)


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Each Jekyll theme has a different set of layouts.

The default theme includes four layouts:

  • Default
  • at home
  • page
  • after

While other layouts may have the same or different layouts, in this case the other theme you choose has only one layout, which is distinguished by the minimum section of its name (jekyll-theme-minimum):

  • Default

The default installation comes with a few examples using different layouts, if you go to the minimal jekyll-theme you only have one layout (unless you add more yourself).



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