this.items ...">

Tab menu in main

I want to load a component template in the tab menu.

<p-tabMenu class="ui-tabmenu" [model]="items"></p-tabMenu>

this.items = [
    {label: 'Contacts', icon: 'fa-bar-chart'},
    {label: 'Call Logs', icon: 'fa-calendar'} 


This is my code. It shows two menu contacts and call logs. when i click on the conatct menu i want to download contactcomponent.html

and when i click on the download logs logs menu calllogscomponent.html

. How to implement this?


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If this is your top-level menu (or if you want to set the URL of the homepage), consider using a router. This will automatically sync with the current "page" set in the router:

export class MenuDemo implements OnInit {

    private items: MenuItem[];

    ngOnInit() {
        this.items = [{
            label: 'File',
            items: [
                {label: 'New', icon: 'fa-plus', url: ''},
                {label: 'Open', icon: 'fa-download', routerLink: ['/pagename']}




According to Primeng's TabMenu documentation, there is no functionality you give them, you can only set the attribute, defaults to the same

Source: - *

Instead, you can use breadcrumb

to redirect the page where you can also specify a url, not a style that can be found according to your needs with css


you can use this there, you can call the callback and navigation function and also in the menu



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