Autobahn.js file not available from s3

For some time now I have been using the autobahn.js and autobahn.min.js files in my project linked directly to: and


as shown at .

I found out today that the above two files are no longer available through these links. The only thing I see is a 403 error with the message: Access Denied.

I cannot find any mirrors anywhere. I tried to build them using this instruction: . There is no such luck. Where can I find the autobahn.js files so that I can download them in the event of a future situation?


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Auto answer. Unfortunately, the author decided to delete all files from Amazon S3 as described:!topic/autobahnws/aHxWgImJvCY


we ( GmbH) not only provided massive development funding for AutobahnJS, but also free hosting for AutobahnJS (download it and host it yourself).

We asked people to NOT hotlink this bucket MULTIPLE once, since we have to pay for traffic obviously.

Now people don't seem to understand this.

Our shipping costs are constantly increasing to amazing levels. I just wanted to delete the log folder only in this bucket - and I have a hard time, the log number is 100k!

There seems to be a number of highly visited sites, our bucket.

Now, instead of putting in some nice JavaScript to take over all these sites completely (which is trivial and will take me half an hour!), We decided to remove the whole bucket.

Dozens of sites will break. Not our problem.

Cheers, / Tobias

Newer source files can be found on github (the one that implements wamp v2). The latest version that implements wamp v1 (v.0.8.2 autobahn-js), however, can be found in this repo:

It can be a hot swap if you used the links from my question. Good source code for other older versions is to view the updates on the GitHub page:



Try this link . They have files



There's a README:

Here's a summary:

Installing the gazebo:

npm install -g bower


Install autobahn in your web directory:

bower install autobahn


Change your links to point to:

<script src="/bower_components/autobahnjs/autobahn.min.js"></script>


I'm not sure why you answered another comment RE wamp v1 / v2 as the urls you posted are fetching the latest versions.



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