Adding ENTRYPOINT to the base image

The Dockerfile microsoft/iis

has the following line:

ENTRYPOINT ["C:\\ServiceMonitor.exe", "w3svc"]

In my image dockerfile which uses microsoft/iis

as base image, I have a powershell script that I would also like to run when the image is running as a container, so I did this:

ENTRYPOINT ["powershell", "-executionpolicy", "bypass", "-command", "./my-script.ps1"]

The desired result is that the image microsoft/iis

will run it ' ENTRYPOINT

and then my image will run from ENTRYPOINT

. However, it seems that my image is ENTRYPOINT

completely overwriting microsoft/iis


How do I run both ENTRYPOINT



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You can't have multiple ENTRYPOINT

s, but you can get this to work by putting both commands in start-up.ps1 and running that as yoursENTRYPOINT

ADD start-up.ps1

ENTRYPOINTS ['powershell', '.\start-up.ps1']




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