Convert Java Swagger Object to JSON / YAML

I need to read, modify and re-create the JAON / YAML documentation for swagger. I have deserialized a JSON file with Swagger Parser and I have a Swagger Java object with the original JSON data being displayed correctly.

Now I need to modify the Swagger Java object and generate a JSON or YAML file with the changes made.

Is there a way to do this?


File fileJSON = FileUtils.toFile(getClass().getResource("example-api-rest.json"));

Swagger swagger = new SwaggerParser().read(fileJSON.getPath()); //Got it!
//Here I need to generate the JSON or YAML again




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To create JSON:

import io.swagger.util.Json;

String jsonOutput = Json.pretty(swagger);


To create YAML:

import io.swagger.util.Yaml;

String yamlOutput = Yaml.pretty().writeValueAsString(swagger);


The package io.swagger.util

is part of Swagger Core , which is one of the Swagger Parser dependencies.



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