Deleting objects in 12c oracle database without generating archive files

Is there a way to delete schema objects and packages in ORACLE DB without creating archived logs?

I have a huge circuit that is decommissioned. I want to delete all of its objects first, but it generates a lot of archive logs that have filled my quick recovery area.

please help if you know any solution to schema objects without generating archived logs.

I tried to use drop like: drop package xyz it created a lot of archive logs.

Note: the database server contains both active and inactive schemas, all I need is to ditch the old inactive schemas without generating archived logs.

Thanks in advance, Wissam.


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If the system does decommissioned

, then you can change the system and switch the archive mode to the first place, and then start deleting objects.

Method for disabling archive log mode:

Finish editing pfile / spfile (spfile if instance is in use) to say log_archive_start = false.


change the noarchivelog database;

change the database open;

More details here .



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