There is no "add to jcenter" button in ""

I want to load a library in jcenter, now I have uploaded it to " " but there is no "add to jcenter" in the "Related" module, I read the document and compared it with another person but cannot find out reason. package link click here

Before you can include your package in JCenter, the requirements must be met: 1) The package must be in the Maven repository and must contain the Maven sources. 2) The path of the files (entered in File uploads on the version page) must conform to Maven standards (combination of group IDs and artifacts must be unique, etc .; for more information on Maven standards, consult the respective Maven documentation) 3) Each package version The containing files must also contain a valid POM file.


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"Add to JCenter" is not enabled for Enterprise Trial users. You must be an OSS or Premium Organization / User to link your packages to JCenter.

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Please note that if you are using a trial account , you will not see this option as your package binding to jcenter is permanent .



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