Using Jenkins email plugin with pipeline

I am running from my pipeline a snippet to send html mail from an HTML file. it looks like this:

emailext(to: "${BUILD_USER_EMAIL}", mimeType: 'text/html', subject: "dummy subject", body: readFile 'pipeline/mail/summary.html');


My question is, how can I embed an image file (as part of a mail) using a CID or something similar? it only works if I add an IMG tag to my HTML file referencing a URL that is actually reachable from my organization. I just need the image to be embedded as part of the mail. Thanks, Nir


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You can embed image via base64. Convert the image here, or if you like, inject it into your script pipeline like this:

(example from Jenkins file)

emailext attachmentsPattern: '%JENKINS_HOME%/changelog.xml', body: '<img src="...shortened...rkJggg==">', mimeType: 'text/html', subject: 'Look at this subject!', to: ''


It is very important that the latest version can only support up to 65535 characters in the body, and the encoding can easily surpass this limit.



It will be too advanced for the likes of Jenkins. It is not intended to provide general ability to attach and insert things.

You should just do it in Python (pass in the recipient list) and add it as a step.



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