Spring: unit test for class that has both field and injection constructor

I have below class settings.

class Base {
   private BaseService service; //No getters & setters

class Child extends Base {
  private final SomeOtherService otherService;

  Child(SomeOtherService otherService) {
     this.otherService = otherService;


I am writing a unit test for a class Child

. If I use @InjectMocks

then otherService

will be null. If I use the class constructor Child

in the test setup, then the fields in the class Base

look like null


I know all the arguments are for field injection, but I am more interested in knowing if there is a way to solve this problem without changing the way the classes Base

and Child

inject their properties?



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Just do the following:

public class Test {
    // Create a mock early on, so we can use it for the constructor:
    OtherService otherService = Mockito.mock(OtherService.class);

    // A mock for base service, mockito can create this:
    @Mock BaseService baseService;

    // Create the Child class ourselves with the mock, and
    // the combination of @InjectMocks and @Spy tells mockito to
    // inject the result, but not create it itself.
    @InjectMocks @Spy Child child = new Child(otherService);

    public void before() {


Mokito must do the right thing.



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