Keras Share Poor LSTM Performance

I'm new to deep learning and Keras in particular. I am using dataset sts

at to simulate a categorical variable entailment_judgment


The data is very simple: two sentences and a categorical goal. I also use the pre-prepared Glove

attachment ( glove.6B.100d.txt

) which you can download at .

The problem is that a get ~ 65% accuracy, which I suspect is very small for this dataset. Another interesting thing: if I use the random nesting vector , I still get ~ 65% accuracy, which tells me it Glove

doesn't matter. Here's the relevant code:

MAX_WORDS = 1000
MAX_SEQ = 20

# Keras tokenizer, stop words were not removed!
# texts contain all sentences
tokenizer = Tokenizer(num_words = MAX_WORDS)

# q1 and q2 are the individual sentences
word_index = tokenizer.word_index
q1 = pad_sequences(tokenizer.texts_to_sequences(q1), maxlen = MAX_SEQ)
q2 = pad_sequences(tokenizer.texts_to_sequences(q2), maxlen = MAX_SEQ)
labels = to_categorical(labels)

# load glove and create embedding matrix
embeddings_index = load_embed()
embedding_matrix = get_embedding_matrix(word_index, embeddings_index)

I1 = Input(shape = (MAX_SEQ, ), dtype='int32')
I2 = Input(shape = (MAX_SEQ, ), dtype='int32')

embedding_layer = Embedding(input_dim = len(word_index) + 1,
                        output_dim = EMBED_SIZE,
                        weights = [embedding_matrix],
                        input_length = MAX_SEQ,
                        trainable = False)

o1 = embedding_layer(I1)
o2 = embedding_layer(I2)
shared_lstm = LSTM(20, return_sequences=False)

l1 = shared_lstm(o1)
l2 = shared_lstm(o2)
merged_vector = concatenate([l1, l2])

predictions = Dense(10)(merged_vector)
predictions = Dense(len(labels[0]), activation='softmax')(predictions)
model = Model(inputs=[I1, I2], outputs=predictions)

          metrics=['accuracy'])[q1, q2], labels, epochs=50, batch_size=5, validation_split = 0.3)


The idea is to pass q1

, and q2

in the same Embedding + LSTM, then send the combined output to a layer of Dense.

Is there something wrong with the code? I tried to add more layers, but it doesn't help. I appreciate any advice on this, thanks!


To be sure, I checked the share of words from the text present in the attachment Glove

: 93.38%. So this is not a problem.


I just did the following experiment: For each sentence, extract the average embedding vector. Take the difference between avg_embed_sent1

and avg_embed_sent2

and use it as a vector function for a simple Dense(100)

nnet. The accuracy reaches ~ 71%. So it seems like my embedding scales are messed up, even the hard ones I settrainable=False.


This article shows some of the results for this particular dataset. Decent accuracy should be around 0.81.


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