How to install a different .entitlements file for different purposes

I have 2 targets - Dev and Prod config with different capabilities (Apple Pay is disabled for Prod)

I already split the Info.plist files for the required target But I couldn't do the same for the Proj.entitlements files - Target Utilities menu membership is disabled

I set the appropriate "code signing rights" in build settings for each target, but the "Provision Profile" X does not support the "X" feature in the "General" tab

Is there a way to tell Xcode to look at the related files file for this purpose.


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I was also trying to set separate permissions files for my own purposes, to activate push notifications for some of my purposes only. Every time I changed the capabilities of one of my targets, the changes also applied to the other targets because Xcode was editing the same permissions file all the time, even though I set a different file path for each target in

Build Settings > Code Signing Entitlements


For me the problem was that all files with permissions have the same name. When I gave each permissions target file a unique Xcode name, changed the correct files for the appropriate target.



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