Automatically reference a cell in another sheet if the value is the same

I have a status update sheet (sheet1) where the team members have a row per action and each action has a reference number (s1, columnA).

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In another sheet (sheet 2) I have commands that write their own status updates, but may not necessarily refer to each reference number, and they will not do so in the same order as for sheet1.

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Basically what I'm looking for is a column in sheet1 to show the link automatically if the reference number in column A of sheet1 is also somewhere in column B in sheet2.

Is it possible? If so, how do I do it? I hope to use a formula, but I'm not sure if this is possible. Hopefully use VBA as a last resort as it will be a generic spreadsheet and the chances of someone messing it up are decent.

Thanks, and please let me know if I can clarify anything.


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What you are looking for is a dynamic hyperlink.

So let's say you have Sheet1


  • team members with (column B

  • command leads and (column A

  • reference / project numbers (column C


In Sheet2

we have a table with different information and the same reference / project number in a column E


Then you can add a new column D

to the table on Sheet1

, which you can name Links

, and the formula here should be:

=HYPERLINK("#Sheet2!E"&MATCH(D2,Sheet2!E:E,0),"Link to "&D2)


If you are using tables with named columns you can also use:

=HYPERLINK("#Sheet2!E"&MATCH([@[Reference Number]],Sheet2!E:E,0),"Link to "&[@[Reference Number]])


Of course, you can adjust the alt text to something more appropriate.

Perhaps the following image will help explain the following:

enter image description here



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