UI console for viewing topics in Message Hub

I have a Message Hub instance on Bluemix and can produce / destroy messages. I was looking for a quick and sane way to browse threads / posts to see what's going on. Something in the kafka-topics-ui lines .

I installed kafka-topics-ui

locally but was unable to connect to Message Hub. I used the value kafka-rest-url

from the MessageHub credentials in the config file kafka-topics-ui

(env.js) but couldn't figure out where to provide the API key.

Alternatively, in the Bluemix UI under Kibana, I can see the log entries for creating the theme. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the log entries for posts in the topic (maybe I was looking in the wrong place or had the wrong filters?).

I guess I am missing something. Is there a way:

  • set up a tool like kafka-topics-ui

    to connect to MessageHub, or,
  • easy to view text messages?



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According to Using the Kafka REST API on Bluemix , you need an extra header in all API requests:

-H "X-Auth-Token: APIKEY"  


A quick solution is to edit the topic-ui code and include your token in every request. Another solution would be to use a Chrome plugin that can embed the aforementioned header. For a more formal solution, I opened a ticket to github



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