Unable to connect android phone to my project using Expo

I created my project in response to the native CLI:

_npm install -g create-react-native-app
_create-react-native-app AwesomeProject
_cd AwesomeProject
_npm start


Then I installed expo

on my Android phone and scanned the QR code on my computer screen.

However, my phone can't connect to the project and I don't know why. It just loads and fails. This error message:

Failed to load exp: // 19000. Network timeout.

This is a view error:

"Unused error: java, not.SocketTimeoutException: Could not connect to / (port 19000) after 10000ms."

I am trying to fix this but still cannot get it to work. My phone and my laptop are on the same network. What can I do now?


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Please see this issue for an answer: https://github.com/react-community/create-react-native-app/issues/60



I had a similar issue on iOS - the project showed up in the Expo app but didn't want to connect.

Here's what I did:

  • Connect PC to device via USB cable

  • Download the newest xde from: https://github.com/expo/xde/releases

  • Install XDE, create a new project from the gui (DO NOT use the old project from create-react-app as it can also show up in XDE) and click the new project (in XDE) under My Projects.

Your project should now appear in the Expo app on your phone. If it doesn't try to email your app link (to its own mailbox and open the link on your phone), mine looks like this:exp://5c-gp9.[accountname].my-new-project.exp.direct:80



I had the same problem, it turned out that my firewall was blocking my connection to the development server port (it was 19000 for me). Solved this by disabling the firewall.



I had this problem where my phone was connected via wifi and my destop was connected via LAN. I changed the connection mode in the browser window to tunnel, reloaded the expo app and was able to connect to my app. It was on my iOS device.



Are your Android / IOS device and computer on the same local network? Also - you can try using the 'tunnel' option



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