Set up a production-based SharePoint development site

Can anyone suggest a better way to create a decent and suitable development site in SharePoint from an existing production site?

I have several lists and document libraries that have been in production for some time, with some search field dependencies in between. How can you replicate this in a non-production environment and ensure that any functionality is compatible between both environments when deployed?

I don't have access to the underlying infrastructure (and it might be non-religious, anyway, I don't need the same AD users and others), and since I can do development for many clients, a highly adaptable setup is preferred.


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You can also find Product Recovery for MOSS 2007 Publishing Sites Into Development by Andrew Connell. It is specifically designed for sites that use the MOSS publishing feature, but carefully and regardless of how to do it.



Several ways for spring to take into account. First, you can backup the production site using stsadm.exe -o backup. Then you can restore this backup to your computer. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the production server and your dev server are running the same SharePoint version number (the number that appears in the Servers on a Farm option in Central Administration).

Alternatively, you can try content deployment. If your development server can see the production server, you can create a blank website on your development machine and deploy content from the production server. If that doesn't work, check out this , this is the Deploy SharePoint Content Wizard.



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